Super Smash Bros amiibo Series

Super Smash Bros amiibo Lineup

Series: Smash Bros
Release Date:November 21 2014

Ever since the release of Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS, amiibos have become the norm among fans, for better or worse, its clear that amiibos are here to stay. While the Super Smash Bros. collection can be used in other games outside of the series, in Super Smash Bros tapping an amiibo on the game pad allows the player to fight against the amiibo, level up, and teach it new movesets. Here is the list of every single amiibo released during the Smash Bros lineup:

Wave 1

The first wave is unique as it set the standards for the amiibo trend its popularity and success lied in a state of uncertainty. After almost a week it was not long before word spread of its supply shortage and the demand for amiibo rose.

Release Date: November 21 2014

amiibo Notes Character Description

Donkey Kong amiibo Wave 1

1. Donkey Kong

This king of the jungle is superstrong, a little scatterbrained, and absolutely nuts about bananas. His adventures usually start with people stealing his hoard of them. As his physique suggests, this Kong is a powerhouse, but he’s got speed to match too! His famous red necktie is adorned with his initials, DK.

Fox McCloud amiibo wave 1

2. Fox McCloud

Fox is the leader of the commando unit for hire known as Star Fox. He uses both the team’s mother ship, the Great Fox, and his personal Arwing fighter to challenge the evil scientist Andross. His piloting skills are top notch, but he can also bring speed and fast attacks to the battle through hand-to-hand combat.

Kirby amiibo wave 1

3. Kirby

Round, pink and surprisingly powerful, Kirby is one of the most iconic heroes in video game history. A denizen of the peaceful planet Pop Star, Kirby became a citizen of Dream Land after defeating King Dedede. He can inhale things with his big mouth, either copying their abilities or spitting them out again.

Link amiibo wave 1

4. Link

Link is the main character in The Legend of Zelda™ games. A young boy living in Hyrule, Link is often given the task of rescuing Princess Zelda™ and Hyrule from the Gerudo thief Ganondorf. Humble to the end, Link is known not merely as a hero but as a symbol of courage, strength and wisdom as well.

Mario amiibo Wave 1

5. Mario

Mario never hesitates to leap into action when there’s trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom. Known for saving the world (and Princess Peach) countless times from Bowser™, Mario is a true super star. He’s got amazing jumping skills and makes use of a wide range of transformations. Mario has also powered up into countless roles: referee, doctor, sportsman, dancer, kart racer, and many more.

Marth amiibo - wave 1

6. Marth



The first hero from the Fire Emblem series, Marth is the prince of Altea and descendant of the hero Anri. He’s known as an exceptional swordfighter, swinging his blade with grace. He and a small group of stalwarts fought to free Altea after it was invaded by the kingdom of Doluna and the dark dragon, Medeus.

Princess Peach amiibo

7. Princess Peach

Princess Peach presides over the Mushroom Kingdom from her huge castle. Though she’s often the target of Bowser’s kidnapping schemes, Princess Peach is far from a simple damsel in distress. She’s a natural at tennis and golf, a ferocious driver, and can more than hold her own at adventuring and battling.

Pikachu amiibo wave 1

8. Pikachu



Pikachu has charmed fans and given a jolt to opponents for nearly 20 years—whether in the Pokémon TV series, the Pokémon Trading Card Game, or Pokémon video games, Pikachu has always been there as a stalwart companion for any Pokémon Trainer willing to take on the challenge of becoming the very best.

Samus amiibo wave 1

9. Samus



Samus Aran, an intergalactic bounty hunter, has fought her way across a variety of planets in the Metroid series. Orphaned at an early age, she was taken in and raised by the alien race known as the Chozo. The Power Suit she wears is a product of their technology. Her unique combat skills combined with her athleticism and Arm Cannon have seen her through countless missions.

Villager amiibo Wave 1

10. Villager




An energetic young man from a peaceful town in Animal Crossing, he is eager to make new discoveries each day. Some of his hobbies include planting trees, fishing, digging for fossils, and catching insects with his net. Sometimes, he likes to just sit back and enjoy the scenery with friends.

Wii Fit Trainer amiibo Wave 1

11. Wii Fit Trainer




This female trainer helps you in the Wii Fit series, instructing you during fitness exercises. She often advises you to maintain your center-of-balance, helping you tone up and burn calories. Recently, she has also shown herself as a capable close-quarters fighter.

Yoshi amiibo Wave 1

12. Yoshi




Yoshis come in all sorts of colors, but Mario’s close buddy debuted in green. Kind-hearted, naturally protective of others, and perpetually hungry, Yoshi is always up for adventure…especially if there are snacks involved. Yoshis can flutter their legs to jump incredibly high. They also have extremely long tongues that they use to snare fruit and even enemies—anything they swallow gets turned into throwable eggs.

Wave 2

Due to the overwhelming success of the first wave, amiibo was on its way to becoming a household item. From this point on it became clear that amiibos were now a hot item. This led to the formation of amiibo hunters who cooperated and traded among the community for amiibo goods

Release Date: December 2015

amiibo Notes Character Description

Captain Falcon amiibo wave 2

13. Captain Falcon

A skilled F-Zero pilot and resourceful bounty hunter. All that’s known of his past is that he hails from Port Town. He’s won fame and fortune outracing his opponents in his beloved Blue Falcon. His incredible athleticism and never-say-die attitude makes him the pilot to turn to in times of trouble.

Diddy Kong amiibo Wave 2

14. Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong’s trusty partner. He sports his signature look: red hat, red shirt and Rocketbarrel Pack. He’s famous for his quickness and his long tail. Diddy usually plays second banana to DK, but he recently teamed up with DK, Dixie, and Cranky to save his home DK Island from invading arctic Snomads.

Little Mac amiibo Wave 2

15. Little Mac

This little boxer from the Punch-Out!! series makes up in heart what he lacks in height. Under the guidance of his coach Doc Louis, Little Mac took on opponents several times his size on his way to winning the WVBA championship belt! No matter his opponent, Little Mac always puts his best fist forward.

Luigi amiibo Wave 2

16. Luigi

Luigi is shy, quiet and often overshadowed by his sibling, but he’s actually quite talented. His jumping ability surpasses Mario’s, and his all-around skills let him overcome any problem. He’s a bit cowardly and really afraid of ghosts. Even so, in the Luigi’s Mansion games, he was charged with cleaning up poltergeist problems.

Pit amiibo wave 2

17. Pit

Pit is the captain of Palutena’s royal guard and hero of the Kid Icarus games. Despite the wings on his back, Pit needs the Power of Flight from Palutena in order to truly fly. With the aid of Palutena, goddess of light, Pit fends off the resurrection of Medusa and her Underworld Army to save the land from the dark goddess.

Princess Zelda amiibo Wave 2

18. Princess Zelda

Zelda is the princess of Hyrule and the namesake of The Legend of Zelda games. Her appearance may change, but she always plays an important role. She knows much about the Triforce; in fact, the only person who likely knows more about Triforce lore is Ganondorf himself, whom Zelda evaded in Ocarina of Time by transforming into her alter ego, Sheik.

Wave 3

The craze went on a full rampage as scalpers were at an all time high. Thanks to the overpowering success of the amiibos, business opportunity was too big to ignore and naturally electronic retailers such as GameStop and Target gained exclusivity to certain amiibo, further agitating the fans. At this point obtaining amiibos became difficult to outright impossible as a regular fan virtually stood no chance at the hands of hardcore fans and scalpers alike.

Note: This wave introduced new lineups of amiibos such as the Super Mario lineup indicating that amiibos have branched out beyond the Super Smash Bros. series.

Release Date: February 2015

amiibo Notes Character Description

Bowser amiibo Wave 3

19. Bowser

Bowser is the king of the Koopas and Mario’s eternal rival. He breathes fire, hurls hammers, and uses all sorts of weapons in hopes of taking out Mario™. As his size suggests, he’s immensely powerful. His plans aren’t always the best, and sometimes he even finds himself on Mario’s side.

Ike amiibo Wave 3

20. Ike

One of the main characters from the Fire Emblem series. Having fought in the Mad King’s War, restored the fallen nation of Crimea, and taken on the Begnion Empire, Ike is rightly called a hero. He has the strength to back the title – his powerful blade makes him a match for any foe.

King Dedede amiibo wave 3

21. King Dedede

Every hero needs an arch frenemy, and King Dedede is Kirby’s! He calls himself the King of Dream Land, but he doesn’t have a lot of interest in ruling. His hobbies include eating, stirring up trouble, and yelling orders at his loyal Waddle Dees while bashing things with his huge hammer.

Lucario amiibo - Wave 3 (Toys R Us exclusive)

22. Lucario

Toys R Us exclusive Lucario can track a form of energy called an aura, given off by all living creatures. Lucario is the only known Fighting- and Steel-type Pokémon and evolves from Riolu during the day when its happiness is high enough. Lucario specializes in attacks that use aura energy, like Dark Pulse, and its can’t-miss move, Aura Sphere.

Mega Man amiibo Wave 3

23. Mega Man

The main hero from Capcom’s Mega Man™ series. An advanced humanoid robot created by Dr. Light, Mega Man was modified from a general-purpose lab assistant into a fighting robot. Fitted with a powerful arm cannon and the ability to gain skills from defeated enemies, Mega Man serves to thwart the evil plans of Dr. Wily and protect the peaceful coexistence between robots and mankind.

Meta Knight wave 3 best buy exclusive

24. Meta Knight


Best Buy Exclusive

Kirby’s mysterious rival, this masked swordsman appears in several Kirby™ games. His giant cape transforms into wings, giving him the power of flight. He also captains a giant battleship, the Halberd, in order to take control of Dream Land. Meta Knight has shown his face briefly before, but his relationship to Kirby is still a mystery.

Rosalina amiibo Wave 3 target exclusive

25. Rosalina


Target Exclusive

Rosalina travels through space in a starship called the Comet Observatory. Motherly and protective of the many Lumas that she travels with, she guards the cosmos against any and all threats. Wielding a Star Wand and her signature blue dress, Rosalina always seems cool even in the face of danger.

Sheik amiibo Wave 3

26. Sheik




Sheik is a mysterious, masked warrior who played an important role in Link’s quest in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time game. Disguised as part of the Sheikah tribe that populates Hyrule, Sheik taught Link™ essential ocarina melodies and then vanished in an instant. Why does Sheik look so familiar?

Shulk amiibo wave 3

27. Shulk


GameStop Exclusive


A handsome young man and a budding scientist, Shulk is the main protagonist in the Xenoblade Chronicles game. After his home colony is attacked by the Mechon, he and his friends set off to take them down. Shulk wields the Monado, a legendary blade imbued with a curious power that allows it to effortlessly slice through Mechon armor.

Sonic amiibo Wave 3

28. Sonic



Sonic the Hedgehog is the fastest hero in the world, famous for his supersonic speed, iconic blue spikes and red shoes. With a super cool attitude and easy-going demeanor, Sonic has a love for freedom and adventure. Spinning head-on into trouble to defeat the evil forces of Dr. Eggman, for Sonic saving the world is the name of the game.

Toon Link amiibo wave 3

29. Toon Link




With big eyes and an expressive face, this version of Link is how he appeared in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker game. Link lived peacefully on Outset Island until a bird captured his little sister, and he came to her rescue. His green clothes were worn on his 12th birthday and are the lucky outfit of the hero of legend.

Wave 4

After the wave 3 incident amiibo hunting has no become a frustrating and unbearable task within a moment’s notice amiibo stocks can come up online only to sell out as soon as its restocked. With the introduction of new exclusives servers would come crashing and go out of stock in seconds and preorders would fill up as fast as it takes for air to rush in a vacuum. At this wave the amiibo demand has reached its peak and everyone would camp the night before to obtain even one or two regular amiibos.

Release Date: May 29 2015

amiibo Notes Character Description

Charizard amiibo Wave 4

30. Charizard

Charizard is the iconic Fire- and Flying-type Pokémon. Its scorching fiery breath can melt anything in its path. Charizard is known to fly around the sky in search of powerful opponents. However, it never turns its fire on opponents weaker than itself.

Greninja amiibo - Wave 4 (Toys R Us exclusive)

31. Greninja

Toys R Us Exclusive This Water- and Dark-type Pokémon is the fully evolved form of Froakie. It’s just as fast and dangerous as any other ninja, and the throwing stars it can make out of water can shear metal. When it spins the stars and throws them at high speed, they can split metal in two.

Jigglypuff amiibo - Wave 4 (Target exclusive)

32. Jigglypuff

Target Exclusive This Normal- and Fairy-type Pokémon is best known for its soothing singing, which can make foes fall asleep. The secret to the song’s effectiveness is Jigglypuff’s ability to sing on the wavelength that will make its opponent the sleepiest. It also uses Attract to infatuate foes of the opposite gender.

Lucina amiibo Wave 4

33. Lucina

Lucina, from the Fire Emblem Awakening game, is Chrom’s daughter and the future Princess of Ylisse. When she arrives from a doomed future seeking to prevent it from ever happening, she goes by the name Marth before her identity is revealed. She loves her father and would do anything to keep him safe.

Ness amiibo Wave 4

34. Ness


GameStop Exclusive

Ness is a small-town kid and the main protagonist of the beloved game Earthbound. His ordinary looks hide his psychic PSI powers. Ness was living a normal life in the suburbs of Onett until a meteor crashed into a nearby mountain and sent him on a wild adventure. Believing in the ultimate powers of wisdom, courage, and friendship, Ness proves that some heroes come in small packages.

Pac-Man amiibo Wave 4

35. Pac-Man

PAC-MAN™ is a cultural icon whose popularity has crossed the globe for more than 30 years. The yellow, circular hero first starred in the game PAC-MAN, which is recognized as the “Most Successful Coin-Operated Arcade Game” by Guinness World Records. His journey through the maze of gaming infamy is far from over! Waka Waka!

Robin amiibo Wave 4

36. Robin

Robin is one of the main characters in Fire Emblem: Awakening. A traveler who remembers nothing prior to being found by the wayside, Robin is a skilled fighter and serves as the main tactician among the Shepherds.

Wario amiibo wave 4

37. Wario



A living embodiment of gross, this villain hates Mario and loves money. He claims to have known Mario since childhood, but who can tell if that’s true? Aside from adventuring, he’s also the chairman of game maker WarioWare, Inc. He can also store up his trademark Wario Waft for explosive results in the Super Smash Bros. games. Did we mention he’s gross?

Wave 5A:

This wave showed the first sign of amiibo decline in the trends although there was some competition for Dark Pit. At local Best Buy retailers, the supply seemed substantial and everyone got what they wanted. Palutena was the more frustrating grab since it was an Amazon exclusive–not only was the site notorious for shortages but because it was the only obtainable medium, the backlash was high amongst amiibo fans. However this too turned out better compared to the previous waves

Release date: July 27 and July 31 2015

amiibo Notes Character Description

Palutena amiibo - Wave 5 (July 2015)

39. Palutena

Amazon Exclusive Palutena, the goddess of light and ruler of Skyworld, hails from the Kid Icarus series of games. She goes to great lengths to protect her people, and those who dwell on the surface lands below. She watches over Pit as he does battle, sending him messages telepathically and using her powers to help him.

Dark Pit amiibo - Wave 5 (July 2015)

38. Dark Pit


Best Buy Exclusive

Dark Pit first appeared in the Kid Icarus™: Uprising game, and is Pit’s mysterious, black-clad doppelgänger. Some call him Pittoo, but he really doesn’t like that. He can soar through the skies without being granted the power of flight. When he first appears, he immediately goes after both Pit and the Underworld Army.

Wave 5B

Nitendo has finally produced an abundance of amiibos from this wave onwards gone were the days were people would camp or buy out an amiibo online for the sake of profit. It was a massive relief to wake up at a leisurely pace to rent your preferred amiibo free from the hassle and stress brought by scalpers and other fans.

Release Date: September 11,25 2015

amiibo Notes Character Description

Bowser Jr amiibo - Wave 5

40. Bowser Jr

Toys R Us Exclusive Bowser’s beloved, spoiled son sports a bandana with a large mouth drawn on it, likely an effort to appear more menacing. Like his father, Bowser Jr. longs to take Mario down, and he always seems to have new tricks up his sleeve. He often fights from inside his heavily armed Junior Clown Car.

Dr Mario amiibo - Wave 5

41. Dr Mario

Target Exclusive In the 1990 Dr. Mario™ game, Mario™ threw on a white coat and decided to take a shot at that whole “medicine” thing. Dr. Mario destroys killer viruses with his amazing vitamin capsules and spends day and night in his laboratory working on new miracle cures. Somehow he’s managed to keep up with all the new viruses that have arisen over the years.

Ganondorf amiibo - Wave 5

42. Ganondorf

Ganondorf, The King of Evil is Link’s arch-nemesis in most games in The Legend of Zelda series. As the embodiment of all evil, Ganondorf seeks to take control of Hyrule. He plundered a piece of the sacred Triforce from the Temple of Time when Link pulled the Master Sword from its pedestal. With the Triforce of Power in Ganondorf’s possession, Hyrule was plunged into darkness until Link and Zelda defeated the fiend.

Olimar amiibo - Wave 5 (September)

43. Olimar

Captain Olimar is a veteran spaceship pilot and the main character of the Pikmin series. After crash-landing on an enigmatic planet, Olimar met the mysterious and tiny beings known as Pikmin. He enlisted their aid to recover his spaceship parts, battle monstrous enemies, and help him escape. Recently, Olimar’s even been spotted teaming up with Pikmin in wild and frenetic matches of something called Bingo Battle!
Duck Hunt amiibo

44. Duck Hunt

R.O.B. amiibo

45. R.O.B.

Game and Watch amiibo can change poses

46. Mr. Game & Watch

Retro 3 Pack exclusive at GameStop These two were the stars of the NES launch title Duck Hunt, way back in 1985. This goofy dog would chase down any ducks hit by the Zapper accessory, but wasn’t shy about laughing at missed shots. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, these two work as a team to fight. Quack! Bark? Both!

This robotic operating buddy was released in 1985 as an accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System. R.O.B. introduced a new and unique way for players to interact with games. In recent years R.O.B.’s appeared as a playable character in multiple games, including Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, using projectile weapons to attack and a rocket base to fly through the air.

This monochrome, two-dimensional hero represents the handheld Game & Watch series, first released in 1980. More recently, Mr. Game & Watch can be found using his retro fighting moves to battle foes in the Super Smash Bros. series of games.

Zero Suit Samus amiibo - Wave 5 (September)

47. Zero Suit Samus

Samus is far from helpless when her Power Suit is deactivated. With her Zero Suit, she doesn’t have the firepower she’s famed for but is in full possession of the agility and athleticism she gained through her childhood training with the Chozo. Without the armor, she’s also much, much faster. The weapon she carries is a self-protection device known as a Paralyzer that stops enemies cold.

Wave 6

This wave was generally regarded as an underwhelming wave and for good reasons: 1. The new waves brought an abundance of amiibos and no one fought for the upcoming amiibos 2. Most of the smash bros lineup was released and by now everyone got their favorite amiibo

Note: Mewtwo the first introcuded DLC fighter set the stage for all upcoming DLC characters

Release Date: November 11 and 13, 2015

amiibo Notes Character Description

Falco amiibo

48. Falco

A talented pilot and part of the Star Fox™ team, Falco can be a bit rough around the edges. He once led his own galactic gang before joining up with Fox. He affects an air of cool disdain and is sometimes uncooperative, but in reality his passion for Star Fox is second to none.

mewtwo amiibo

49. Mewtwo

Created from modified Mew DNA, Mewtwo was designed to be the ultimate Pokémon™. It didn’t take on any of Mew’s kinder traits and only uses its intelligence to destroy its enemies. Or…so it seems. Perhaps it just feels frightened or even tormented, and that’s why it lashes out. Whatever the reason, Mewtwo is not to be messed with.
Gunner Mii FIghter amiibo

50. Gunner Mii Fighter

Swordfighter Mii Fighter amiibo

51. Swordfighter Mii Fighter

Brawler Mii Fighter amiibo

52. Brawler Mii Fighter amiibo


Toys R Us Exclusive

Mii Fighters are playable characters in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. They are based on a player’s Mii™ character—so anyone can join in—and you can outfit them with fun costumes. There are three different types (Brawler, Gunner, and Swordfighter), and each one brings a different fighting style to the battle!

Wave 7

All characters released are now DLC fighters who set the closing curtain and the conclusion of the Smash Bros. series line up

Release Date: January 22 2016

amiibo Notes Character Description

Lucas amiibo

53. Lucas

The younger of twin brothers living in Tazumili Village in the Nowhere Islands. He’s a kind boy who can communicate with animals, but he’s shy and never really got over the tragedy that struck his mother. He fights a warped dictatorship and hunts the Seven Needles, using PSI attacks to do things like absorb enemy projectiles and deal supernatural damage!

Wave 8

This wave introduces another variant of R.O.B initially relased exclusively in Japan

Release Date:  March 18 2016

amiibo Notes Character Description

R.O.B. (Famicom Colors)

54. R.O.B. (Famicom Colors)

R.O.B. sporting his Famicom colors. This robotic operating buddy was released in 1985 as an accessory for the Nintendo Entertainment System™. R.O.B. introduced a new and unique way for players to interact with games. In recent years R.O.B.’s appeared as a playable character in multiple games, including Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, using projectile weapons to attack and a rocket base to fly through the air.

Roy amiibo

55. Roy amiibo


GameStop Exclusive

Roy is the main character of the Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade game. In The Binding Blade, Roy led the troops of Pherae into battle in his ailing father’s stead, and now he brings his speed and talent for short-range combat into Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & Nintendo 3DS. His sword, the Sword of Seals, is uniquely powerful at the base of the blade.

Ryu amiibo

56. Ryu amiibo

Ryu is one of the most famous characters in the fighting game genre, hailing from the iconic Street Fighter series. As a wandering warrior who trains rigorously in order to become a true martial artist, he travels the globe to test his skills and mettle against the best fighters in the world.

Wave 9-10

The final waves will conclude the remaining roster from the DLC fighters

Release Date: TBA

  1. Bayonetta
  2. Corrin
  3. Cloud


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