Just Inked in is the Splatoon Nintendo Direct on 5/7

Splatoon Nintendo Direct for May 7

Nintendo has announced that there will be a Splatoon Nintendo Direct featuring new details about their upcoming Wii U game that launches a month from now on May 29.

Splatoon could be a game-changer as Nintendo’s latest IP shooter. This shooter is a light and colorful with a focus less on weaponry or kills, rather to mark your turf as much as possible. As more of your turf is marked up, the game allows creative movement in which you can dive into your turf’s paint to both reload and to take cover. This concept is different from traditional shooters in both gameplay and story.

This game also features its own set of amiibo that enhances gameplay with special missions that unlocks exclusive equipment and gear. Preorders are up for this game on Amazon, or if you are without a Wii U, you can purchase an exclusive bundle from Best Buy.

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