Leaked Silver Mario amiibo found in Chinese auction

Silver Mario

An authentic Silver Mario amiibo, not yet released, was spotted on a Chinese auction site, Taobao. However, this is more than likely a stolen prototype because the packaging looks uncompleted as it doesn’t have any of the amiibo brand packaging.

Matteomax purchased this amiibo for approx. $28 USD. This Silver Mario had the possibility of being a fake either through Photoshop or paint, however he tested and verified that this is a real Silver Mario amiibo. This collector tested this Silver Mario by scanning it into Mario Party 10, as the game rewards you with a token that affects your avatar. For example, Gold Mario gives you a golden token. Silver Mario had given a Silver token which, in game, turned Mario into Silver Mario.

This Silver edition Mario amiibo is a variant of the Mario amiibo from the Super Mario series that launched on March 20 of this year. Gold Mario, another variant of the Mario amiibo, was exclusive to Walmart. Nintendo has not specified as to how or when Silver Mario will be distributed yet.

Check out Matteomax’s video verifying Silver Mario below:

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