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(SIDE NOTE: I’ve actually had only 2 days with the game as it was loaned to me just for practice for the Nintendo World Championship Try-Outs previously at BestBuy. I had little time with the game, but I felt that I had to get my two cents out there. That being said, no matter what I say during many of my reviews, whenever you can do the research that is available to you for any title. One person’s voice doesn’t always make up for all the time and manpower that’s put into what was developed. Now onto the review.)

During the time prepping for the Nintendo World Championship Try-Outs at our local Best Buy, I decided to borrow this little gem here and see how far my score can carry into the wind and maketh me ROBERT!: VIDEO GAME EXTRAORDINAIRE! *ques anime OST/’splosions* After playing it for sometime (literally 2 days) it also made me feel that I had to write my thoughts about what I went through in that game.

What I went through was depression.

zlCfzRQogi8g7ZnIuN(Lets pretend this is the 3DS screen, since the mission layout is about the same.)

Ultimate NES Remix is the combined base versions of NES Remixes 1 & 2 from the WiiU brought onto the 3DS, and retains the same gameplay style and more. You start off with a few titles to chose from classic Nintendo NES titles, like Super Mario Bros. and Excitebike, later unlocking more as you play along. Picking a game lists Warioware-like missions for you to complete, like “Stomp 6 Goombas” or “Catch the Mushroom,” etc. All in order to gain stars, that when built up overtime will earn you more classics, missions, and Remix missions, which mixes up missions like beating a stage but you’re forced to run forever, or playing as Link in an arcade Donkey Kong stage with no jump.

455602-ultimate-nes-remixremixOff the bat, the Remix stages are easily the best part of the main game. Where all of the regular missions tell you to complete a task that you’d normally playthrough in its actual game or games, the Remix missions throw you for a loop and add either an interesting challenge and/or a feast of artsy 8-bit nostalgia. And although not every mission regardless is tough, its great to play through the classics and brush off your skills in a way not showcased before. And for those that never had the chance to play these games will certainly be enticed by some parts of the mission structure and how the games were played back then.

That being said, I myself played and owned some of these games. Some off of previous Virtual Console sales, emulation, and actual ownership from the early 90’s, when I was even conscious enough to play these games correctly. And even though $30 is a pretty good asking price for a new 3DS game, after playing some of those missions I felt turned off by them. I felt that after playing that small segment of the game, that I should be able to play that game as a whole. Which isn’t really all that bad. They entice the player to go and think about making a future purchase for some of these classics. Heck, as I write this I’m prepping to go make a purchase for Balloon Fight for the 3DS mostly for the 3DS’ download play multiplayer capabilities. But for a $30 game there needs to be more than just mission-based gameplay.


Well, there’s more. In Ultimate NES Remix there’s also two more modes. One is called Speed Mario Bros., a totally normal game of Super Mario Bros. except someone presses on the fast-forward button forever on the VCR. A nice mode, but a passable novelty at best. The other mode harkens back to the Nintendo World Championships of yesteryear and has carried over from NES Remix 2 on WiiU, called Championship Mode. In that mode you can compete your score with countless others online playing through missions of Super Mario Bros. 1 & 3, and then finally Dr.Mario, all in a 6 minute and 21 second time limit. The mode itself is super competitive and rewarding to have that high score, if not online then on your own game, as your score is shown before starting that mode.

But is this game as a whole worth it? Well that depends. Nostalgic players can be turned on and off by the game’s mission-based gameplay, either taking to being competitive and getting the best times or playing it once and then done. Speedrunners might even take to this as a interesting novelty, all especially with the Nintendo World Championships reoccurring at E3. But the way I see it, it seems like a glorified demo of Nintendo’s Hall of Games. Not that I completely hate the missions, but they seem one and done for me save for some of the Remix missions. Bottom line, I say “Skip it,” however keep in mind it’s not a bad game. There just happens to be a lot in the game that doesn’t warrant my attention long enough.

……oh yeah, that depression part? I gave my old games and NES to my cousins many years ago and they broke it near the next day. Sad face ensued there after. :'(

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