Review Rewind: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

 Kirby roll dashes into a new adventure 

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse logoKirby and the Rainbow Curse is the latest installment in the Kirby franchise and had launched on February 20 earlier this year. Unlike its previous installments, Rainbow Curse takes advantage of the gamepad with up to four friends partaking on the action via Waddle Dees.


The game builds on Kirby and the Canvas Curse with beautifully sculpted clay figures and creative gameplay that most Kirby games are known for. Kirby is largely controlled by the stylus but you are never directly controlling Kirby as you just tell him where to go. Kirby rolls around the stage and relies on rainbow lines that you draw to direct him around the stage. Once you get used to the control, you will have a breeze. Colorful levels and tricky bosses kept me going for more.


You don’t have to enjoy Kirby alone because your friends can join you as Waddles Dees which makes the game much more exciting and easier to complete. In some of these gorgeous levels, Kirby would occasionally turn into a vehicle such as a tank where you gain offensive firepower as you blast enemies out of the sky.

Rainbow Curse takes advantage of the amiibo function by letting characters from the Kirby series such as Meta Knight, King Dedede and Kirby himself give power ups to Kirby. Needless to say, I felt that the amiibo function was lacking since the amiibo powerups only last through one level and can be used once per day.kirby-rainbowcurse_amiiboamiibo play:

  • The Kirby amiibo lets Kirby use Star Dash at any time without having to collect 100 stars.
  • King Dedede decorates Kirby with his hat and gives him two extra health bars
  • Meta Knight boosts your dash speed and shows off his mask


Surprisingly Rainbow Curse lacks a minigame feature which is odd as Kirby games tend to offer side  games. Despite the lack of extra content the story mode at least offers us a hidden treasure chest that unlocks figurine trophies and a music player. The artwork expands on the story itself and it was nice to see the interior of Kirby’s house. Another feature, Challenge mode, is a collection of puzzles identical to those found in story mode.  kirby-rainbowcurse_scrn


Rainbow Curse is a follow up on Canvas Curse and brings additional mechanics that adds more excitement to the game. As gorgeous as this game is, unfortunately a lot of time is spent looking at the gamepad. On the brighter side, this title is aimed more for a coop style based game as the player benefits far more with friends instead of a single player campaign. Perfect for both casual and hardcore players even though learning to master the controls takes some time. Additionally players can always keep themselves occupied while trying to find hidden treasures and sharing the experience with good friends.kirby-jukebox

If you’ve enjoyed this review or if you are a fan of this series, take a look at the launch event at Nintendo World, be inspired to create your own clay Kirby, or take a look at the First 4 Figures’ exclusive Meta Knight statue!

By Rinaldy Gomez with extra help from Everett Colon

With more free time in the Summer, I decided to work on a new series called Review Rewind where instead of looking at newly released titles, I am going back to take a look at already launched titles through the year, beginning with Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker and ending with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Stay tuned!

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