New details on next wave of amiibo from Super Smash Bros to Animal Crossing

ssb4-amiibo-rob-roy-ryuYesterday marked the launch date for Lucas and wave 2 of the Animal Crossing amiibo figures and cards. Nintendo has already announced the complete next wave due for March 18.

Famicom colors R.O.B., Roy and Ryu from the Super Smash Bros. series, as well as Timmy & Tommy, Kapp’n and Rover from Animal Crossing. Digby will be made available to be released on a separate date. Finally the next wave of Animal Crossing amiibo cards will release, setting the total number to an extraordinarily 300. As suggested before, for such a large amount of cards, fans should probably trade among their communities in order to collect them all.

Roy is GameStop exclusive with preorders open both in stores and on their website while Timmy & Tommy are Target exclusive, according to a Target kiosk via Reddit.


“New amiibo figures and functionality will keep surprising fans in 2016,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “All the upcoming amiibo prove that the must-have figures are continuing to evolve in unexpected and fun ways.”

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