Kill Strain Beta Access Round 3

Who doesn’t like a good beta invitation? I know for starters, it is an honor to get access and to have a privilege to talk with the team behind a fun game. Kill Strain brings in a 5 vs 2 vs 5 where two terrain teams try to fight against the mutants and also try to kill each other’s base. It can be a power struggle where both sides could have a truce and take out the mutants or one side could team up with the mutants to take out the other team. Or it just remains a huge Free-for-All in the end it comes down to your own team communicating with one another for the perfect squad.

Before I get too much into this please check out the video below:

In my video, I touched base on a few key things, one being that it feels like a MOBA for consoles. The only difference is that your Q or R2 attack doesn’t have a cool down while your other W,E and R have a cool down. The R, your strongest attack, is the Mech that is timed to arrive at certain points. Now you start off with a character you can afford, in my case, I chose Vincent who is heavy, but each character will have their own special weaponry. The only thing is that everyone gets access to a mech, but I felt that each character should have some special equipment besides just a mech.

vlcsnap-2016-02-06-11h15m59s998In order for a game to end, one of several outcomes must be reached. As a human, destroying either the opposing human OR the mutant base, will end the game. As a mutant, converting all human players OR destroying one of the human bases will terminate the game as well. By completing objectives and actively participating in actions that help a match come to a close, you’ll gain points and put yourself in a more favorable position on the leaderboard.

vlcsnap-2016-02-06-11h16m47s942As of right now I am at 427 on the leaderboards over 2501 players not too bad. I definitely need to get back into playing which I am going to do now.

vlcsnap-2016-02-06-11h16m05s606Thank you all for checking out this preview post and we hope you come back for future updates when the game officially releases. Stay frosty gamers!

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