Street Fighter V Review

Long time coming Street Fighter V finally releases and is it what Capcom promises? Keep reading.


I don’t know about you, but when I play a fighting game I tend to try and figure out which character the story truly revolves around. You know what I mean? I am talking about the dominate story that all are connected to and it seems that Necali is the true villain in the series. He seems to be hungry to devour all fighters to feed his own power as an ancient deity. In that I see a great story that can lead even M. Bison to strive for a new level of power. With regards to stories you will have to go through 16 characters to connect it all together, but I have to admit the story mode is short and seems to lead to something bigger. Sadly it goes no further and in my case I am yearning for more.

The fun thing about going through the story mode is a unique take on tutorials where you start off with a young Ken and Ryu practicing with their master Gouken. This is just the beginning to give you a quick glimpse at what to expect with the V triggers and your unique powers. As you go through the story trails you will get a nice look at some characters in their youth and an explanation to some that resurface like Nash who is replacing Guile this time around or so it seems. Never know what will happen in future DLC.

New Challengers:


It’s not really fair to call everyone new, but new and returning fighters are involved with the new Street Fighter V. We have Necali, F.A.N.G and Laura. Some favorites have returned are Karin, Nash, Birdie and R. Mika which are all delightful and have some fun new moves to try out. I still wonder why they made Birdie fat though…


Missing in action, but showed up in the story are Juri, Sean, Guile, Ibuki, Sakura and we all know that Akuma is in the Tekken 7 area dominating, but maybe he will return. There have been some leaked information regarding DLC characters, but you can spot some in the background like Alex, a huge fan favorite, and I know many of us can’t wait to get our hands on him.

What you Earn you can Unlock:


That is right the more you play the more points you accumulate to unlock many items in the shop. Now Kuma has brought this up in one of his videos about having the option to earn the DLC or buy it flat out. I heard from a few people when I picked up this game that they’d rather buy the content to support Capcom, but you’re technically already supporting Capcom by buying the game. This is their way of giving back to the gamers by going back to the old school ways of using your own skill to unlock in-game items that are not locked by a pay gate. That is the difference between DLC and in-game content that some miss. However thank you Capcom for giving us gamers that option. It is long overdue.

That Menu Though:


You remember what Ultra Street Fighter VII menu’s looked like? Well forget all that because we have this lovely new battle board menu.

I was quite impressed as it looks as though you are planning your attack on all the fighters around the world. You have everything laid out for you in a neat package with certain options that take you to a sub menu.

The best thing that caught my eye is in the battle lounge where you can set a “Best of” number in combat. So if you are in a lobby and you want to do a Best of 3 or a best of up to 10, you can do that now. There is even a password option for a more controlled room just in case you want a particular group for some controlled matchmaking. This brought a tear to my eye because fighting games really needed this option. I am not knocking open lobbies, but now you don’t have to worry about private slots, just make a password room and you are good to go.


Let’s take a look at one of my favorites and that is survival mode. I used to hate survival mode because it was just a deadly kumite going through many enemies to see if you can get the best time or score, but it is a healthy way to get in some practice. This time around, Survival mode will have rewards to help you progress at ease. After each stage conquered you get the option to purchase something to grant you an advantage either with a health boost or damage boost. There are risks with some of the options as in Double Down that takes away health, but grants you more points. This is a fun mode and you will have four difficulties to choose from. The Easy Level features 10 rounds, Normal 30 rounds, hard 50 and Hell features 100 rounds. Good luck!


Ranked matches are straight forward and so are casual matches, but this time around and a first for a fighting game to have cross platform capability. You see it is possible and I wished for this many years ago, but many people were saying how it can’t happen or how it would not work. Well guess what Capcom made it work and now PC players can battle against PS4 players for the first time. Check out this ranked match between Rashid and Chun-Li. Kudos to the fighter for a great match.

Like Looking at a Beautiful Painting:

At a visual standpoint Street Fighter V is a beautiful looking game. I enjoy the fight mechanics and the colorful flash animation when performing your V triggers and special movies. The backgrounds work well and are animated, really showing the power of the next gen consoles.

Speaking of art, the cartoonized style story stills are fantastic. I love the watercolor usage and character exaggeration which makes me want a cartoon done for this game. Honestly we are overdue for another Street Fighter animation anyway.


I did enjoy Street Fighter VII’s full length animated cut-scenes, but the comic book stills were welcomed.

Fight Mechanics:


Everyone has a special V-Trigger and they will cause you to strategies with your main character. This is going to be tough, because I am still a level 2 and still learning. I main Ryu, R. Mika and Rashid which I code named Fire, Earth and Air. R. Mika’s V-trigger brings in her tag team partner as a hidden attack or a distraction so you can capitalize on your opponents forced A.D.D to look out. Rashid has an offense and defense V-Trigger that brings up a tornado and Ryu has a straight up Offense V-Trigger than enhances his battle damage making his moves more destructive.

I do respect Nash’s V-Trigger the most which gives him a teleport and in that you can either go into a punishing combo or set up for your super move that is kind of scary. It is like a hell spawn that comes out of the shadows and cuts you into with a sideways sonic boom.



I would usually have something bad to say, but there is not much wait outside of nitpicking to bring my initial score down. The game is full of nostalgia and fun and if you want something bad from me to say then I feel the story line is a bit too short and easy, but I understand that Capcom wanted you to enjoy the story without too much difficulty which I can agree with that. The modes are plenty to enjoy and I can’t wait for challenge mode to unlock to see what points I can get from that.

Verdict of Street Fighter V: Buy It!

All right warriors I am done here and it is time to get back into the world of Street Fighter. I hope you enjoyed this review and I hope to see you on the battlefield. Stay frosty gamers!

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