Gears of War 4: Remembering “Emergence Day”

Welcome to this special segment where we touch base with old COG soldiers on their days fighting against the Locust and saving humanity. We are here with special guest Quan “Samurai” Baity, a Gear that served three tours fighting that good fight after Emergence Day when the Locust first surfaced from the ground. There were many battles that were fought alongside other brave warriors: Baird, Cole, Dom and their leader, Marcus Fenix. Marcus was one of the toughest S.O.B’s wielding a Lancer (chainsaw rifle) and really made you understand what being a Gear meant. It came down to one moment on a tour, we started passing a lot of COG tags from fallen soldiers, when Marcus holstered his weapon and started to gather them all. In this undocumented find, I wanted to dig deeper into the heart of these soldiers.

Tell us a moment that worried you the most?

riftworm-gears-of-war-monster1Son, that is a winded question being as every moment was like that. You’ve ever been inside of a giant “Rift Worm” son? Heh, I tell you that was a nasty experience, especially worrying about having to go through one to get out. Damn it, this thing had three freaking hearts that we had to take out and weird crawlers inside that made things worse. We lost Benjamin Carmine during that incursion as he was dragged off by those things into some belly acid. The silly part is that he predicted it and knew it all along… Talk about bad luck. However, a funny situation did happen with a swarm of krill. Nasty little ba*tards that only hunt in the dark, but you should know that. We were on a mission where we had to take this beat up crawler through the city with a single flashlight that burns them in an instant. You stay in the light you will survive, but the damn light only lasted but for so long and that’s when the panic came in from the old fart riding with us. Still that was one hell of a ride.


I know you suffered through loss, but what was the most difficult moment?

CarlosandmariaHow do you deal with losing? Hmmm… We honor them, you damned idiot! All of those tags we gathered, we brought those soldiers home to their families. Dom had to be the biggest loss out of them all. He lost the war a long time ago… He lost his beloved Maria. When we found her, she was a walking corpse. It hurt, but not as much as having to take her pain away. It took all of that searching just to know that you had failed…how do you deal with that? Your hope lost in an instant. Oh, we have lost and kept losing until we ended the locust once and for all. Sadly there was one last loss as Marcus saw his father die in front of him as he gave the world that final gift of salvation. Afterwards, just watching Marcus sitting there looking at the sunset, it felt like a weight finally had lifted and we finally get to breathe easy.

Well, it has been almost 25 years, but we are getting reports of something new… What is out there? Why now?

G6Xgz7(laughs) Son, the nightmare doesn’t stop just because we handled a few monsters. That kind of thinking is what drives more monsters to say, “Hello.” Besides, it is nature’s rule that when one predator is eliminated, it has to be replaced with another. Luckily there is a new Fenix picking up a Lancer and ready to handle the new nightmare. JD Fenix, Kait Diaz, and Del Walker are your best bet now.

Time to deal with a new nightmare, gamers, as Gears of War 4 brings us new heroes to fight against this new enemy known as “The Swarm.” The difference this time around is that the developers want you to have a more intimate experience bringing back the old school fear in previous titles. In that, the multiplayer mode is cut down to two player co-op and there will be times where you will have to separate in order to progress through the story. As player one you will always be JD Fenix, but player 2 will have the choice of either Del or Kait which affects the story.


Looking forward to more gameplay footage and this new cover engagement where you can now pull an enemy taking cover to do a nice melee kill. I will be sharing more information as it develops and I hope you enjoyed my interview detailing my time during Gears of War 1 through 3. Stay frosty gamers!

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