Hyrule Warriors Legends Review: Linkle’s Leap In the Right Direction?

Hyrule Warriors, released in 2014, returns for an encore of fan service. This time around the game is reintroduced as Hyrule Warriors Legends. Although fairly identical to its predecessor, Legends boasts additional characters, quests, and even a brand new mode.

Considering that I played and thoroughly reviewed Hyrule Warriors, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. Still, I was excited to once again tackle the game and test out any additional content. Upon starting the game, the title screen which was noticeably blurrier and lower quality on the 3DS from the Wii U original. Despite this, it was still acceptable and did not detract from the experience.

From the get-go, Legends is an exact carbon copy of its Wii U counterpart so not much needs to be said about adventure mode, aside from the additional Linkle side quest. However before I get to that point, one thing that struck me was the control schemes. Since the game takes a shift from the GamePad, which means that the player can use a C stick on the New 3DS to rotate the camera or use the D-pad otherwise. As a result, the controls can feel awkward at times for a game that’s fast pace and demanding. Surprisingly just about every other control scheme resonates fairly well on the 3DS, enough to function smoothly.

hyrule_legends-fairy-of-lightWhat makes Legends unique from the Wii U version is new character content and additional side quests. While this doesn’t impact the main story line, it at least makes an attempt to alter our perspective of the initial plot and does so in a more creative and engaging way, ultimately adding depth to the story.

When I first got my hand in playing as Linkle, her storyline seems to be given considerable thought and her play style was smooth. Unfortunately she was not given much attention within the story and as a result gave the impression of being forcefully squeezed into the Zelda verse. As for the other characters new to Legends: Toon Link, Tetra, and the King of Red Lions, they are used in adventure mode with a story line and a map. At the very least the new content is at most expansive to the original. Overall it’s the same game with a fresh coat of paint and accessories.



The game has an additional mode known as My Fairy which enhances a character’s power or skin. It honestly strikes a dissonant pitch as it becomes a one trick gimmick that does little for the game and is only exclusive to adventure mode. Like with its predecessor, Legends takes advantage of the amiibo functionality by giving random items ranging from weapon to rupees. This title also comes with a special code that allows new characters to jump to the Wii U version of this game.


The game isn’t really engaging as it is pretty much the same as the Wii U version but with added extras like a few characters and a new mode thrown in. That being said, if you missed out on Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U, then this game is for you, just don’t get lost on your way to Hyrule as you fight off evil foes.

A second look at Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS. Hyrule Warriors Legends launched exclusively for Nintendo 3DS on March 25, 2016 and has upcoming DLC featuring new playable characters such as Marrin from Link’s Awakening.


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