Kirby Armors Up This Summer Robobot Style

On June 10, Kirby goes technological by piloting his cutest and most destructive bot yet. The story begins in a cinematic style where we see a peaceful and harmonious Dreamland followed by an alien invasion literally implanting itself. We are greeted to the iconic Meta Knight and the Battleship Halberd taking on this newest threat, only to be overpowered in an instant. Finally Kirby boldly dashes forward in hopes of undoing this mechanical menace.kirby-planet-robobot-screen7Planet Robobot takes players through a mechanized landscape as Kirby traverses through the levels. Each level is filled with a heavy technological theme, for instance, Waddle Dees are donning mech suits. Playing through the course brought me back to Triple Deluxe since the gameplay followed similar mechanics where the game felt natural with no difficulty in playstyle.

Early into the game you fight a mini boss which earns Kirby a mech suit. Initially, based on the cover art, I wondered if this was a spin off or a main entry, as Kirby sporting the mech suit felt very contrasting to his cute and lovable image. Nevertheless upon piloting the mech and trying the controls, I felt like I was moving a tank as it could not float like Kirby, but it more than made up in power and durability. I played through the level bulldozing weaker enemies and even eliminating obstacles that Kirby would otherwise have to dodge, but what caught me off guard was the mech’s ability to copy enemies.kirby-planet-robobot-screen5In an attempt to smash the enemy with Kirby’s attacks, I analyzed and copied it’s abilities. Now I was a super powered powerhouse! Running through the rest of the level felt like a breeze. Let’s not forget about the new copy abilities like Doctor who can throw pills like Dr. Mario, Poison that sprays toxic mist, psychic-based ESP powers and more, adding to the 20+ different abilities found throughout the game.

Like with most platformers, there are hidden items throughout the level, presumably there for hardcore players to obtain the complete ending. In the case of Planet Robobot, there are Code Cubes and stickers in each level.

Outside of progressing from level to level, the game gives interesting ways to make the mech gimmick more entertaining. In some levels you will pilot the mech in powerful modes, like a plane, reminiscent of the shooting game genre, as well as ride it like a fast-moving car, giving the impression of a racecourse level, but otherwise Planet Robobot is generally split between regular Kirby mechanics and piloting the mech.kirby-planet-robobot-screen2Extras
The game contains two extra modes: Kirby 3D Rumble and Team Kirby Clash. Kirby 3D Rumble is a timed side game where Kirby has no copy abilities. Instead Kirby swallows and attacks enemies strategically in order to gain the highest score possible. Along the way you’ll progress through a visually appealing isometric world that captures the essence of the Kirby verse.

Team Kirby Clash is more compact but also much more dynamic and engaging by comparison; it makes itself an RPG-style side game which, in all its simplicity, players have to beat the boss and level up your Kirby using up to 4 different copy abilities. In essence, choose the right Kirby for the right boss. This mode can be played through a local wireless connection (multiple systems + games are required), or through Download Play (multiple systems required).

Lastly is the amiibo functionality. Kirby: Planet Robobot launches with its own series of Kirby amiibo, granting Kirby aesthetic power ups and even exclusives such as UFO Kirby or the most interesting one, Smash Kirby! It’s so accurate in its portrayal of the Smash counterpart that it’s downright the best power up in the game, it’s also the most versatile copy ability. The lovable friend/foe Waddle Dee will be making his first appearance as an amiibo. Kirby related amiibo from the Super Smash Bros. collection allows Kirby to receive the Smash Bros., Hammer ability with King Dedede, or the Sword ability if tapping in Meta Knight, as well as a special body color. amiibo fans, take note, any amiibo is compatible with Planet Robobot, enabling Kirby to receive a random Copy ability.

Kirby: Planet Robobot is solid on its own and as a successor to Triple Deluxe. Players will be delighted to take on exciting yet simplistic levels while embracing the power of a mech suit Kirby style. Of course once the game is complete, players can look forward to even more gameplay with a bonus mode that die hard Kirby fans can look forward to.

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