“Please… Little pinky!… If anyone can do it, It’s you!”

It’s yet another tranquil and leisurely day in Dream Land when suddenly an outside disturbance in the form of a spacecraft begins to mechanize Planet Popstar unbeknownst to our favorite pink puffball. Other would-be heroes are quickly subdued by this overwhelming force and it seems like a lost cause for its inhabitants. That is, of course, until Kirby takes notice and sets off to find the source of this invasion in an all new adventure.

Harnessing the intruder’s own technology against them, Kirby wields newly introduced mech suits for a change of pace in both platforming and puzzle-solving action. Make your way through six unique areas defeating foes with traditional Copy and physical abilities, along with using the game’s featured robobot armor to reach otherwise inaccessible sections. Soar through the skies, travel by motorcar and uncover hidden paths along the way. Utilizing the optional Kirby series amiibo line or any other amiibo will grant you a copy ability, health item or character skin. There are two additional modes, both available from the get-go: Kirby Team Clash, a multiplayer mode, in which you and up to 3 friends can fight against legacy foes while improving your character role/class, as well as Kirby 3D Rumble, a high score based single player mini-game.


The soundtrack in question scarcely bears any original material and is instead composed of mainly remixes, not to mention unaltered nostalgic classics. Never truly being immersive, the music stands to be unremarkable, though not displeasing, and it does in fact do a good job at catering to fans across the board.

Post-game elements are quite extensive with additional modes and content waiting to be unlocked. Embark on new quests or share your best times by way of StreetPass and earn bragging rights among peers. If completion is your goal, then you’ll have plenty to keep you occupied here.

Having played through Kirby: Planet Robobot from top to bottom was a real delight. The game manages to strike the perfect balance between fun and simplicity without ever getting routine. Dedicated players looking for a challenge will appreciate the more demanding trials, as well. There’s really something for everyone in this latest installment of the franchise and it is one experience that is wholeheartedly recommended.

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