Shield of God Preview at E3 2016 for Mobile Platforms

shield-of-godChinese developer Yes Games has been devoted to creating a quality mobile game that targets console gamers. Experience Shield of God, a unique combination of RTS and RPG with a focus on story, game play and 3D quality graphics. This combination of dynamics are unique to mobile games. The company has even named Shield of God as the “next-gen strategy mobile game.”

Shield of God takes place in the far future with a heavily militaristic theme as it is based in a post-World War II setting with mystical elements surrounding the protagonist, Chris Owen. Owen has joined Shield of God, a team sent to investigate a series of terrorist activities. It is worth noting that this title isn’t affiliated or religiously influenced in any way. As mentioned before, Shield of God is the name of your team and literally speaking, is the best interpretation when translating from Chinese to English, as it was developed by a company based in China. Yes Games has developed games for well-known anime such as One Piece, Dragon Ball and Fantasia Sango Five.shield-of-god-mission

Shield of God is currently in alpha with the playable demo at E3 2016 featuring two missions—one of which is the first boss fight, and a preview of the character customization screen with weapon and skill selection options. The demo began with a tutorial mission before heading into a boss battle that I found to be particularly challenging. I was told that it was one of the easier bosses that you encounter, as this title is aimed for more advanced and hardcore gamers. This boss, The Apologist, was heavily armed with a self-healing ability. There are quick-time-events that can interrupt his heals, but a good general strategy is to be mindful of your teammate selection and movement tactics.

Being a real time strategy, you can control up to 5 players at once in constant motion. The initial mission demonstrated basic movements such as taking cover behind pillars, and the fact that even in a tutorial, enemies can be hidden until your players move close enough to trigger an attack. Take note that each individual character will have their unique abilities (and cooldowns) and niche, whether they’re rangers, strikers or healers and will have to work together to take down enemy forces. You can expect to equip your player using different skill and weapon combinations.

Shield of God features a story mode with 45 missions, providing 15-20 hours of game time for players, and a free play mode that contains an even more challenging 35 missions. This title is expected to launch free-to-play later this year with alpha sign ups ready in July.

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