TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan Review

Cowabunga dudes and welcome to this review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan where I will take you on this Ninja adventure as we travel the streets and sewers of New York City. It is time to grab a slice of your favorite pizza and join me on this shell shocking thrill ride.

Mutated Story:


Ninjas, Robots, Rock Soldiers, Krang and Mutants are running rampant all over the City that never sleeps. It is up to the green machine Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael to gather their strength to stop this menace before things get any stranger. However, their biggest complication is the alliance between Shredder and Krang, but not only are things a bit hectic, there seems to be a deeper plot that is erupting the streets. Can our four heroes win this fight with the help of April and Splinter? Well, I am the one holding the controller so I think our chances are good.

The Good:


Platinum Games is known for delivering a fun experience with an abundance of action and interesting game mechanics. Mutants in Manhattan brings the best of many worlds with a strong A.I. command system, four player co-op, and amazing combat situations. Having a semi-open world to run around in is not bad at all, to which some may argue that it should have been more open. In that, I say it is the right kind of environment that is not too distracting from your objective.

In terms of combat, each Turtle performs their own special signature moves as well as their separate abilities that makes for easier combat. Each move is equipped with the face buttons and the Left Trigger. You will have a co-op special move that when activated, triggers the turtle you’re closest to, and performs a devastating move. If timed just right, you can finish the battle quickly on low-health enemies or bosses. In addition, you can command the A.I. to perform duties such as protect, follow, wait or go all out. So far the wait system doesn’t seem to work to well, but when these computer-controlled friends go all out, they leave no enemy left standing. Combining the Left Trigger with any direction on the D-Pad can switch between turtles for a more strategic outcome in single player. Check out a preview of the Rocksteady battle.

Items are your keys to victory. Each turtle will have four slots to store items for use in combat that benefits the whole team or brings in a strong offense against the opposition. The green gems, that you will see throughout the campaign, are currency to purchase said items from Master Splinter. In addition to upgrades, the points you earn will be used for Abilities to level up the ones you favor the most. As you progress through the game, more abilities will unlock.


There are also charms to use, but the slots vary by difficulty settings. However, I would utilize the charms for each turtle, since this is a team based game, and have everyone equipped with a specific charm can make the fights easier.

The multiplayer is always good with any TMNT game. I never understood how some titles only had two player or single player games. This is all meant to be about having a strong four-player mash up. I dig that everyone can go their own way to handle missions differently and that gives off a friendly competition to see who can reach the objective first, but when it is time to take on the boss, we band together and beat the living shell out of the enemy.

The Bad:


At times, the A.I. can be a bit too aggressive when you are trying to battle enemies, in that they have already been eliminated; in the process leaving you hanging. The command props are okay, but they all seem to do the same thing. The wait option doesn’t work for me sadly especially during some sub-missions where I have to stealth kill some rock minions. My teammates jumped out of nowhere and attacked them, making me fail.


It is not too bad, but the developers should have looked closer into that aspect of programming. Also, why no local co-op support, guys? That would have been a great addition to make the game local to have a rad TMNT game party with your friends.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan is definitely worth the $49.99 price tag. It is a bit fast going through the missions, but the combat and replay value going back in is quite fun. The story itself is pretty grim, but there is a great nostalgia playing against enemies of the classic story. The characters are lively and all share their own unique personality that we know and love. I do miss the tech upgrades from Out of the Shadows, but the new abilities made this title and combat impressive to enjoy. This would be more geared towards the goofy cartoon aspect of the turtles vs. the grimdark style of the previous game. In the end, add this to your collection and grab your crew for a shell of a good time. That being said, pick up this title and enjoy the game as a sure thing buy. Stay frosty gamers!

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