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I am going to take you on a trip as we fly high through the cosmos discovering things, renaming things and at times killing things, if need be. You are an explorer, for what reason? I still have no clue. There is no real story other than some side missions dealing with distress beacons or the occasional warp jump for a rescue mission. No Man’s Sky is the exploration game that gives you, the Pilot, the opportunity to set a course for your own story. In that let me explain in this video review!


vlcsnap-2016-08-20-14h40m09s885No Man’s Sky is endless and that’s what most gamers can enjoy, being that most crave replay value. The exploration is vast and quite unique. There are a lot of things to discover and rename to earn Units as you go, as renaming things are important for easy cash. After you rename, just upload it for the universe of players that will uncover your vast discoveries. After you collect enough units, venture off and see about upgrading your equipment where most shelters, which house Aliens will have gear cases of weapons or even these pods that are scattered on different planets, that can help upgrade slots in your backpack.

vlcsnap-2016-08-20-14h47m16s286In terms of crafting, there are many blueprints that you can use to make your gear better. At first I would definitely concentrate at first on my ship for weaponry and better shields for those just in case enemy encounters. There is a subtle appreciation to be a lone explorer venturing off to different planets and finding either distress beacons or discovering broken ships to make your own. I can respect the game for what it is in that aspect of making it my own story. There is even a slight choice with each Alien race you encounter, an opportunity to be in good standing with them, but it is not too deep to piss anyone off…yet!

As for those PC players that were giving it negative feedback, I am on PC and have no problems. I am not sure if those gamers didn’t pay attention to the specifications of the game, but the game runs somewhat smooth on my end. There are some lag issues when starting as it is trying to calibrate to where I am in the universe–I only assume. So far not a bad experience on the PC at all.


vlcsnap-2016-08-20-14h47m38s776This is where an argument of Quality vs. Quantity. No Man’s Sky can be intimidating especially to a gamer like me, as you start off into this game without much of a tutorial or manually. You are a kid that is left with a bucket and shovel just to be told to play with no further instructions. That is fine to an extent especially for gamers who are drawn to an exploration experience, such as one Myst might offer. To me, the game is 90% Explorer and 10% Star Fighter. A gamer like me needs more of a balance like 40% adventurer and 60% Star Fighter.

I can’t grasp the idea of being in a universe with this monolith only holding one word each for a language. I have discovered Monoliths that are surrounded by 3 pillars and one huge block so in total I learned four languages. I am sorry, but that is not good enough for me. The little pillars at least two to three words and for the huge monoliths I should be learning two to three sentences. The dude from Stargate learned their language faster than we can and he was writing on freaking sand.

vlcsnap-2016-08-20-14h40m54s129It is too damn lonely in the universe. I understand that the developers wanted you to have a single player experience so no distractions, but come on in a game this big, an open world multiplayer should have been a thing. Now Hello Games creator Sean Murray said it is not impossible, but it would be a high chance to run into another player. Should not be that high. I would suggest some update where we could give a friend our coordinates to warp to us or something.

The ship’s controls need improvement, especially when you are dogfighting. I am hoping there is a fighter mod upgrade later on where we can have better maneuvering in No Man’s Sky and with better enemy ships to fight because this was not exciting at all.


vlcsnap-2016-08-20-14h40m03s433No Man’s Sky is a great game even when it lacks the excitement of other space games. I can’t hate on that too much since it was just meant to be a chilled exploration title, but as stated in my video review, I come from games like Mass Effect, Wing Commander and such where I need the exploration and combat to be a bit equal. Yes, I am the Starlord type and Mal of Firefly, I need to kick someone’s butt to have fun. In that, I am not too upset where as I am going throughout the galaxy finding or discovering things, there is a nice level of accomplishment making my own story as I go. In that it is definitely a buy and would be welcomed in any gamer’s collection. I do hope there will be some events or updates later on the line. Maybe even a space port option to meet with other Pilots for co-op exploration.


No Man’s Sky is available right now on the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, definitely check it out. Stay frosty gamers!

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