Police Chase in Watch Dogs 2

There are a few things I am hoping for when Watch Dogs 2 drop and that is better vehicle controls, different gameplay atmosphere, as well a crazy thrill ride. It seems that we are gifted with a police chase gameplay video provided by IGN showcasing when a robbery goes bad and how to deal with the cops while racing through Golden Gate Park. I am digging the change from Chicago to San Francisco and I hope this is successful enough to bring in a third title, but that is jumping the gun. We are going to focus on the now with this intense scenario.

We really need to change the music licensing situation somehow, but that will be in a later piece I am working on. So far I will say they need better driving behind the controller because you butchered that trans am for sure. That aside, I am excited about the new sequel and that’s because Watch Dogs was not a bad game, it just had some contradictory¬†situations and that ending could have been better. I am wondering if we will see a cameo appearance from the previous protagonist or maybe he will be the opposition?

Digging the new hacking features of remote controlling vehicles which will bring some new strategies against enemies. I just wonder to what extent this will be and could I have a special car of my own with a front mounted camera and maybe some hackable features (coughs emp pulse coughs).


All right gamers, Watch Dogs 2 drops on November 15th, 2016, giving you the option between regular for $59.99, Deluxe Edition for $69.99 and Gold edition for $99.99. Pick your style and I will see you when the game drops.

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