Nintendo + Pinny Arcade Pin Launching Late 2016

pax-nintendo-pinnysNintendo will have their own line of official pinnys, or authentic pins from PAX. Tycho, one of the PAX founders, has revealed a photo of the official Nintendo pinnys of World 1-1. These pinnys will celebrate the beginnings of Super Mario. Bros with 8-bit Mario, the Coin Block, a Goomba and a Koopa Troopa. The World 1-1 set is due to launch this holiday season.

PAX, originally known as Penny Arcade Expo, holds video game conventions throughout the world as a celebration of video game culture. Convention goers started trading pins that has formed into a community who trades amongst each other in an effort to collect them all. Authentic Pinny Arcade pins dons the Pinny Arcade logo stamp on the back. According to the Pinny Arcade, “only certain pins can be purchased from the Pinny Arcade online store, the PAX Merch Booth, or other Authorized Pinny Arcade Partners.You can get free pins from certain Partners by playing demos, preordering games, or participating in other activities. You can trade for pins with other attendees, PA staff, and Enforcers.”

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