Hands on Review: Streamline

I am a gamer that enjoys good interactions and co-op scenarios in my video games. So far, I have seen a rise in interactive video game streams giving audiences control of situations. Streamline incorporates Twitch’s streamotes where viewers can place bets on players and the outcomes which offer a different challenge to players during each round. As the player, you will be tasked with achieving enough points and be the last person standing while running, dodging and punching through opponents. Luckily enough we have some footage for you to take a closer look at what to expect in Streamline.

Streamline has the art style and somewhat gameplay mechanics of Sunset Overdrive. There are some similarities, just less weaponry and chaos. Players can make a simple custom character that unlocks more features as you progress through leveling. There will be point orbs through the levels and some high numbered orbs will latch onto you for a short amount of time. In that time period, you will need to dodge all attacks, because if you are hit, your opponent can steal those points. There are a lot of strategies involved where you can just collect and stay clear of enemies or you can decide to go on the offensive while collecting points. The whole hunt or be hunted style of gaming is up to you.

There is not much else to say other than this is a game for Twitch streamers to have a better gaming and more engaging experience with their audience. It is a nice ice breaker for those looking for views as honestly, the game is simplistic but can get a bit repetitive fast. Unless you have a strong audience, you will not benefit much from the streamote experience. There are some weird hit detections that make it a bit unfair, especially when it comes to getting the one-shot-kill stop sign.

The unique playstyle is where I am sold though and if you get a group of friends with group chat, you can have some hilarious antics. So far my experience has been a bit mixed and that is fine since I am just starting to learn the mechanics and the maps. I am hoping it progresses later on with more maps and new content to make it more interesting.

I say give Streamline a shot and if you have a strong viewer base on Twitch, it is definitely worth it to get your viewers involved. I will be streaming on the weekends over at twtich.tv/beastgamerkuma, so come on by and check it out for yourself. Streamline is available right now on the Steam marketplace.

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