Double Dragon IV Preview

First off, Happy New Year gamers all! It has been a bronze age since I have posted, but it is a new year and might as well start off with something nostalgic right? Double Dragon has to be one of the iconic video games of my history since I had it on consoles, even the updated Double Dragon Neon. Jimmy and Billy Lee were the badass beat’em up duo for many years and I have to admit that I always wanted a next gen adaptation to reboot the series, but I thought of the other tries and changed my mind. Fear not, there is hope with some ‘old school meets current technology’ as we venture back to a sequel with the classic style we enjoyed or rather, those from the 80’s.

That teaser alone gave me chills and while Jimmy and Billy are back, the venues has changed to Japan–which is cool, because from my knowledge in the original game, the area was not clear of where they were fighting. I only assumed it was New York, but that is just me. From the teaser trailer alone I see they have upgraded the game mechanics to function smoother and added some bonus combat moves. The graphics look touched up and slightly cleaned from its 8-bit style. Looks good to me, but it seems to be only two player local which is a bit too nostalgic. I get it, developers want gamers to enjoy games together in a social environment face to face. If that is the case you should have moved this to the handhelds like, oh I don’t know the PSVita perhaps.


Not going to sugar coat it, games of this caliber need to be on handhelds which will give you, the developers, what you want for games to be–with each other in person. It is safe to throw in an online option too; it is 2017, online play is definitely a must.

Double Dragon IV will be released on PSN January 30th, 2017 and on Steam January 31st, 2017. The Japanese release price will be at 800 JPY, but the USD is still TBD. In that, I hope to see you when the game comes out for our full review. Stay frosty gamers!

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