The Legend of Zelda: Arts and Artifacts Special Event at Barnes & Noble

Dark Horse recently published The Legend of Zelda: Arts and Artifacts and hosted a special Legend of Zelda event here in New York City on February 24, 2017. Arts and Artifacts is a follow-up of 2013’s Hyrule Historia with over 400 pages of illustrations from the entire 30-year history of the Legend of Zelda.

As a promotional event, 15 select Barnes & Noble locations across the country hosted a Legend of Zelda event in which fans participated in a scavenger hunt/trivia game. After entering a raffle, fans were given a map of various locations to find throughout the store and then answer a set of trivia questions ranging from various games in the series such as What is the first game that Dark Link appeared in* to What is the game in which Link sails the most?** Fans who successfully visited and answered the questions at all 5 stations were rewarded with an exclusive Triforce enamel pin.

Throughout the event, fans were able to sample Starbucks beverages and pastries, unwind in a coloring or puzzle station, or look through the Zelda merch and the illustrations found throughout Arts and Artifacts. Raffle winners were rewarded a cookie resembling a heart container, with the grand prize winner taking home the large promotional artwork featuring Link from the upcoming Nintendo Switch title: Breath of the Wild.

*Zelda II
**Wind Waker

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