PREGAMER at PAX East: Word Puzzler CUBIPLEX Preview

Adding a twist to popular word games like Scrabble or Wordbrain, CUBIPLEX allows players to connect letters on a 3d grid. As each letter cube can be rotated to reveal more letters, more potential combinations of words are created, thus giving a more boundless gameplay experience. CUBI, or Cool Unit of Bot Intelligence, is your companion that is taught through creating as many words as possible; words are not limited to a predetermined list and can be no less than 3 letters. Players earn a higher score through longer words, which in turn, can unlock power-ups and badges for enhanced gameplay.

CUBIPLEX has a simple interface where the menu is also based on a cube with each side being a different menu function, whether it’s to name your CUBI—a process necessary for online play, or to view your stats. As CUBIPLEX can be played on the go, only needing an online connection to review word meanings, purchase in-game currency called qubits, or play to challenge friends in its multiplayer mode. CUBIPLEX 2.0 is currently out on the App Store for iOS devices as a free-to-play game by indie game studio, GanaLila.

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