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Video Game Tidbits is a video game focused blog that wants to cover most things game related. So far we’ve covered mainly Nintendo, from their consoles and handhelds to their newly launched platform, amiibo. Stay tuned for the latest coverage on E3 and other conventions!


my miiMy name is Debbie and I go by the handle delildel. That’s 3 L’s in one name. I grew up playing video games, a Nintendo to begin with and I slowly expanded to Sony and Microsoft. Somehow I’ve managed to stay along all the way up to now, with both a 3DS and a Wii U, but I’m open to all consoles.

As of right now, I have also been writing about conventions, launch events and other events that I go to. But I want to expand my topics eventually. The awesome part is that I get to record my experiences and am able to inform people at the same time of the things that I get to learn.

I would be happy to exchange Friend Codes on the 3DS any time, please just let me know. My NNID is Debbie.

Twitter / Instagram / tumblr : @delildel


My name is Patrick, but I go by my handle of “The Lucky Thirteenth” on most gaming social media. I grew up playing Nintendo and Playstation games, my favorite series being Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts, but nowadays I have had experience in almost every current platform and genre. I like discussing trends in gaming culture and trying to foster an encouraging, optimistic community despite whatever hurdles gamers face.
Feel free to follow me @_TheLuckyXIII on Twitter, and I hope we can learn a lot together!

lunarknightLunarKnight, formerly known as the Man of Science is a competitive player especially in the Mario Kart series as he boasts dodging blue shells… and delivers! Expect detailed and extensive reviews and event coverage from him.





Hey Guys, I’m Megaman… just kidding my real name is Wilson. I play mostly Nintendo games and Kingdom hearts. I’ve been playing games since I was 8 years old and I enjoy it. Currently Training for Pokemon competition hehe, I’ve been writing poems since middle school. Please take a look at my poetry. Poems will come every two weeks till the recent ones.

Wilson’s Poem Stories


My online tag is Pelides but my real name is Ant. I’m a contributing writer for Video Game Tidbits. I am an English MA student and I work part-time at a library. For now, I will follow Debbie’s lead and cover video games but I might cover other topics in the future. I’ve played video games since I was four years old, starting with the Sega Genesis. Other than playing video games, I read a lot and I write fiction.


Hey guys, this is Roc. Otherwise known as RocTager online or Robert as my actual identity. I’m here to showcase and enlighten some games that may just go under the radar, and give a little review here and there. Hope ya like me and have me. Roc Out!

Mostly known as Dat Mario Guy(cosplayer/person/i’unno)! I run(PSVita), , and. 3DS Code: 4398-8779-9907 ニコニコどすこい!



SavageKuma – I am Kuma, a ronin unlike you’ve ever seen. I am the founder of Kumazoku Entertainment and I hope you enjoy the content!

ThunderingTruth – this figure is still largely a mystery


My name is Michael McMullen but I also go by Tukkun Nizura. I like to play video games. Though I may not be up to date on the latest news, I delve into the games I do play. Grew up on Play Station and PC, so those are the things I will talk about mostly.

I’m currently working on the project Sky Wars: Shadow of FUS, a Skyrim let’s play modded to Star Wars. You can find me on Twitch regularly during the afternoon.

Photo by Courtney Santiago


Donations are greatly appreciated. The help from donations will allow more time spent on this blog including resources needed to access games and other special events to cover expenses.

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  1. January 30, 2015    


    I too grew up playing video games. It’s always a pleasant thing to read about gaming.

    So I have nominated you in the Liebster Award. You can find the details in my post


    Keep on the good work:)

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