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Review: Persona 5 offers a stylish, e...

After an eight year break the Persona series is finally back. The latest installment, Persona 5, is well worth the long wait. It is by far the best entry in the series, boasting the best gameplay and art style of all the Persona titles, while continuing the series’ excellent characters and story. While there are […]

A New Home for Humanity? Mass Effect:...

(Note: I played the PS4 version of this game and my Ryder character is female so I’ll be referring to Ryder as she.) The Mass Effect series has had a profound impact on gaming. Its approach to storytelling has become iconic

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wi...

ReviewA REvie The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild represents a major change to the Zelda formula even as it builds upon and expands the core Zelda gameplay that has sustained the series from its inception.

A Final Fantasy For Fans and First-Ti...

The first footage of what would become Final Fantasy 15 debuted in 2006, a full decade ago. At that time the game was called Final Fantasy Versus 13, a spin-off to the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy. I remember following news of the game’s development and Final Fantasy 13’s release. The game and its two sequels […]

Pokémon Moon: An In-depth Review

(Note: I played the Moon version so I can’t comment on any exclusive content found in Sun. I will keep spoilers to a minimum but some new features of the game will appear in this review. Read at your own risk!)

The Pokemon Sun and Moon Demo Has Arr...

(Note: I will spoil the demo so don’t read this post if you haven’t played it!) The eagerly-awaited demo of Pokémon Sun and Moon is finally here! In this post I’ll point out what I think are the demo’s most important features

Did We Ask For This? Deus Ex: Mankind...

[Note: I will only cover the single-player experience of Deus Ex as I have not played Breach, the multiplayer mode.] After a five-year wait, Eidos Studios has released Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, its follow-up to Human Revolution. Human Revolution is a highly regarded game, which is saying a lot for a game that had to […]

Playing it Safe, but Playing it Well:...

In June, Nintendo released Kirby: Planet Robobot for the 3DS, their second Kirby title for the system. This new title pits Kirby against an army of robotic alien invaders who are industrializing Kirby’s home planet of Pop Star.

From Page to PlayStation: Shadow of M...

These days, media products are rarely released in one medium. Instead, they see releases across different media, traveling from stage to page to PlayStation and back again. There are many interesting questions to ask about these media franchises and their adaptations

Arkham Knight Brings the Best of Open...

Games have changed over the years. The biggest changes that I have seen are the move towards open-world games and DLC.

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