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The Final Station Review

You wake up peaceful. You bathe, make your breakfast, get your gear on and head out to the normal routine in your mundane life. Some of us have some a weird yearning believing that we are made to do so much more and you are probably right. Maybe you are meant for great things, but […]

Redout Review

I believe my first experience with anti-gravity racing was with F-Zero on the Super Nintendo. With a weird twist to racing, F-Zero paved the way to a PSOne classic called Wipeout–and no not that weird Japanese obstacle course game with the same name. I am talking about high-speed twist and turns weaponized racing combat. It […]

War Diary: Day 5 of Battlefield 1 Bet...

Day 5, BF1 Beta Sept 3rd, 1915 To My Sweet Leanntoinette, Bout time you get this letter, I should be almost home or grabbing a slice on the corner in Brownsville. Damn, I did miss that slice of pizza, anyway my love, I was an idiot to take that trip with the boys and ended […]

War Diary: Day 4 of Battlefield 1 Bet...

Day 4, BF 1 Beta Sept. 2nd, 1915 I still have no clue why the hell I signed up for this. It is now going on day four and I am in a new campaign with some random soldiers I have no clue about and it seems their vocabulary is limited in this PC sector. […]

Is it Worth the Extra Ten Dollars for...

Sony, look we need to talk, please have a seat. Things have not been good for a long time ever since you received an upgrade from a 3 to a 4. When you were a PS3, things were amazing. When you added the PS Plus to the mix with many great games as well as […]

The Final Station Gaming News

I have to admit that I can’t be mad at all zombie-like video games. There have been some pretty clever ones vs. the high-end AAA titles. This one comes from the developers at Do My Best Games where you are a train operator protecting his passengers from Infected swarms while reaching your destination.

Open Beta Announcement for Dragon Bal...

I will admit I feel that it is too soon for a sequel just yet of Dragon Ball Xenoverse because it is hard to gauge when it is alright for a Sandbox MMO to get a sequel. I feel that these games could be better used with an expansion like other MMO’s. Dragon Ball Xenoverse […]

Review of No Man’s Sky

I am going to take you on a trip as we fly high through the cosmos discovering things, renaming things and at times killing things, if need be. You are an explorer, for what reason? I still have no clue. There is no real story other than some side missions dealing with distress beacons or […]

Remember to Keep Smiling in We Happy ...

When I see ‘We Happy Few,’ I can’t help but think about all those movies I saw and books I read about a society that had emotional control.

Dragon Ball Xenvoerse 2 Gameplay Show...

It has only been a little over a year since Dragon Ball Xenoverse was released and Namco Bandai does not wait to release a sequel.

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