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Review: Final Fantasy Explorers

Monster Hunter is basically a game where you hunt giant monsters that may or may not be a threat to your townsfolk. It has a very simple premise with a poor story, but it’s the scale of your fights with these titanic foes, as well as the strategies used to best them, that draws the […]

Pokken Tournament on Pokémon Day

Following last Saturday happened to be a grand turn-out for Nintendo NY as hundreds of people lined the streets to celebrate 20 years of Pokemon. But on the other part of Manhattan, it was quite the show for another celebration. Over at the GameStop at Union Square, a near hundred combatants lined up to face […]

E3 @ Nintendo World Digital Event Rec...

E3 @ Nintendo World Digital Event Recap

The day started of with long lines of people waiting outside of the Nintendo World store, wanting to get into the E3 spirit without having the chance of getting there.

VGTidBits Exclusive: An Interview Wit...

NWC 2015 John Numbers G

E3 and the Nintendo World Championships are nearing upon us, and everyone is preparing for the best or the worst that will come of this years announcements. But two weeks ago, managed to head out to the Best Buy @ Long Island City, NY, to participate in the Nintendo World Championship Try-Outs.

Roc’s Reviews: Ultimate NES Rem...

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(SIDE NOTE: I’ve actually had only 2 days with the game as it was loaned to me just for practice for the Nintendo World Championship Try-Outs previously at BestBuy. I had little time with the game, but I felt that I had to get my two cents out there. That being said, no matter what […]

Project X Zone : Review

Project X Zone

Right off the bat, this game is not for you if you have never experienced some years of gaming or have no recollection of 50% of the cast or crossovers mentioned in this mega-sized collaborated project. Project X Zone (pronounced Project CROSS Zone) is the latest of many other turn-based strategy RPG crossover

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