Pokémon GO Plus launches September 16

Pokémon Go Plus, originally scheduled to launch in July shortly after the game released, has been delayed until this Friday.

Is it Worth the Extra Ten Dollars for...

Sony, look we need to talk, please have a seat. Things have not been good for a long time ever since you received an upgrade from a 3 to a 4. When you were a PS3, things were amazing. When you added the PS Plus to the mix with many great games as well as […]

The Final Station Gaming News

I have to admit that I can’t be mad at all zombie-like video games. There have been some pretty clever ones vs. the high-end AAA titles. This one comes from the developers at Do My Best Games where you are a train operator protecting his passengers from Infected swarms while reaching your destination.

Open Beta Announcement for Dragon Bal...

I will admit I feel that it is too soon for a sequel just yet of Dragon Ball Xenoverse because it is hard to gauge when it is alright for a Sandbox MMO to get a sequel. I feel that these games could be better used with an expansion like other MMO’s. Dragon Ball Xenoverse […]

Remember to Keep Smiling in We Happy ...

When I see ‘We Happy Few,’ I can’t help but think about all those movies I saw and books I read about a society that had emotional control.

Dragon Ball Xenvoerse 2 Gameplay Show...

It has only been a little over a year since Dragon Ball Xenoverse was released and Namco Bandai does not wait to release a sequel.

Exclusive Vans X Nintendo Shoes at Jo...

VansXNintendo - Journeys 3Pair

There are three exclusive pairs of Vans X Nintendo at retailer Journeys that have appeared in the wild.

Nintendo NY hosting E3 2016 Zelda eve...

You can’t attend E3 but really want to try out the new Zelda game for Wii U and just happen to be near the tri-state area? No worries, Nintendo NY got you covered. You can find more details on the Nintendo NY Facebook Event page. Line up for wristbands begin on June 11 at 7 AM and the event will […]

Pax South 2017 Tickets are now on sal...

PAX South Logo

PAX South 2017 is now on sale! If you want to hang out with us in San Antonio this January, grab badges here: https://t.co/3aKlDkgmKu — PAX (@Official_PAX) May 17, 2016

Attack on Titan: The Video Game Battl...

There is new information on the pre-order bonuses for the Attack on Titan video game coming to all consoles on August 30, 2016.

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