Mario Bros. and Dr. Mario amiibo unbo...

unboxing Mario and Dr. Mario amiibo by VGTidbits

The team at Video Game Tidbits have successfully produced another amiibo unboxing video! This time, the Mario Bros. and Dr. Mario is up.

Silver Mario amiibo giveaway hosted b...

Silver Mario amiibo giveaway hosted by Mike's Monster Gaming

What’s up guys, this is Mike from Mike’s Monster Gaming. There is another giveaway for the Silver Mario amiibo to one lucky winner who supports my channel! Check out the details below and remember to #SupportSmallChannels:

“BREAKING” NEWS: Twitch S...

Video Game Tidbits Facebook icon

Tee hee! See what I did there? I had the Video Game Tidbits sign break to reveal the twitch logo. “Breaking” News. Pun fun aside, Video Game Tidbits started streaming on Twitch! You can check out our channel here:

Sky Wars: Episode 1 Escape

Sky Wars Episode 1 The Escape

The remake of episode 1 of the series Sky Wars.

Sky Wars Redo button!

Video Game Tidbits Facebook icon

Hello. I have some… good and bad news. Not too bad. I have to start over with the Sky Wars series.

Dishonored 2!

dishonored 2 E3 bethesda 2015

There will be a Dishonored 2! I’m so hyped! It looks like the game will address some of the issues I raised in my review of the first game which you can find here.

Sky Wars: Shadow of Fus plot

Sky Wars - Shadow of Fus

Hey everyone Tukkun here. If you’ve been keeping up on the Facebook Page, I’m starting a Let’s Play series for the game Skyrim. If you didn’t know, then you need to get from under that rock you’ve been living under Patrick Star!

Hyrule Warriors: Legends is coming to...

Hyrule Warriors Wii U cast

A leaked Japanese E3 trailer for Hyrule Warriors: All-Stars released today and appears to be a port to the 3DS family with new playable characters from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions at Madis...

Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions

Tomorrow June 6 marks the Pokemon Symphonic Evolutions at Madison Square Garden in New York City. At the time of writing this, there are still tickets available!

Wave 4 Amiibo Unboxing and Silver Mar...

Silver Mario amiibo giveaway by MIke's Monster Gaming

Mike’s Monster Gaming is giving away a Silver Mario amiibo to one lucky winner that supports his channel! Check out more details below: 

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