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Mario Bros. and Dr. Mario amiibo unbo...

unboxing Mario and Dr. Mario amiibo by VGTidbits

The team at Video Game Tidbits have successfully produced another amiibo unboxing video! This time, the Mario Bros. and Dr. Mario is up.

Silver Mario amiibo joins all retaile...

Silver Mario amiibo

It’s official. There is a silver Mario amiibo that is hitting retailers on May 29, 2015 at a suggested price of $12.99, alongside wave 4

More Gold Mario amiibo at Walmart

Video Game Tidbits Facebook icon

More Gold Mario amiibo are expected to return to Walmart, at least according to several Walmart employees. Coltsbro84 on reddit has posted a screenshot of his store’s inventory system at Walmart that shows 12 additional Gold Mario amiibo are in transit to his location.

Super Mario Series amiibo

january nintendo direct

All have released on March 20, 2015. There are currently 8 amiibo with rumors of Rosalina, Wario and Donkey Kong to join this series.

Triple Launch Event for Mario Party, ...

Rosalina, Meta Knight, Gold Mario, Shulk, Lucario, Super Mario Line, Toad amiibo

This Triple Launch Event is for Mario Party 10, Super Mario amiibo line (including both Toad and Gold Mario), and Fossil Fighters: Frontier.

Nintendo World Store launch events fo...

The Nintendo World Store has a lot of happening next weekend. Take a look at some of their upcoming events beginning with the launch of Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. tomorrow.

Walmart’s Gold Mario amiibo del...

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Despite Walmart having Gold Mario up online yesterday for more than a half hour, Walmart emailed several people that the Gold Mario is delayed until April 8th.

Gold Mario amiibo confirmed to be Wal...

Video Game Tidbits Facebook icon

Update: What do you know? The Gold Mario amiibo went on pre-sale today! Thar’s gold on that there amiibo! Grab the new Gold Mario #amiibo when it launches exclusively at @Walmart on 3/20.

Gold Mario amiibo Confirmed at Walmar...

Video Game Tidbits Facebook icon

The rumors about a Gold Mario variant amiibo looks to be true and confirmed as a Walmart Exclusive,

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