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The Nintendo Switch Experience return...

On Friday, March 3, Nintendo will be transforming Madison Square Park into a living room inspired space for fans to try out the Nintendo Switch.

New Colors Announced for Nintendo 2DS

New colors have been announced for the Nintendo 2DS, as a result of Luigi entering the wrong manufacturing code at the 2DS factory

Game On with Nintendo at Yogurtland S...

Nintendo is partnering with Yogurtland this summer between July 1 and September 8.

Favorite Custom 8 bit Mario amiibo va...

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It’s been a little over a week since the retro 8 bit Mario amiibo launched in the United States. Already there have been custom painted variants! Check out some of my favorite customs found online:

Super Mario Series amiibo

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All have released on March 20, 2015. There are currently 8 amiibo with rumors of Rosalina, Wario and Donkey Kong to join this series.

Super Mario amiibo line unboxed

Super Mario Series Mario amiibo vs Smash Bros Mario amiibo

There are currently 7 amiibo announced in the Super Mario line: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser, Toad and Gold Mario. Currently the Mario amiibo only comes with the Mario Party 10 game whereas the Gold Mario is Walmart Exclusive. A big difference between these Smash Bros. and the Super Mario amiibo lines are the character poses […]

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Starter Pac...

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Check this out from Capcom Unity on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and a Starter Pack after you download Patch 1.1

amiibo line up by series

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Super Smash Bros. Series Super Mario The Legend of Zelda Pokemon Donkey Kong Fire Emblem Kirby Metroid Kid Icarus  Other series Mii Fighters Releases September 2015. announced during the Super Smash Bros. New Content approaching on 6/14/15.  *Wave 1 released on November 21, 2014. Wave 2 released in December 2014. Wave 3 is releasing on February […]

Locked Down amiibo at local GameStop

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I went to a local GameStop on Wednesday to see if I could the preorder Majora’s Mask limited edition bundle. It turns out that the person in front of me got the last web preorder copy (why does this always happen to me?) So that’s fine, I went to browse the store since I was […]

amiibo Crate: Final Week

Nintendo amiibo lootcrate last week 3 zelda luigi new challenger approaching t shirt pamphlet

This is the third and final week of the amiibo Loot Crate. What’s included is the Luigi and Zelda wave 2 amiibo. The exclusives include a New Challenger Approaching! T-shirt with the week 3 pamphlet. Now this sounds pretty awesome except for the part where this t-shirt is like a generic copy of the original promotional shirt given out at the Super Smash Brothers Tournaments and launch event. You can view the comparisons below.

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9/15/2017 - Metroid: Samus Returns

10/6/2017- Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

10/27/2017 - Super Mario Odyssey