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amiibo line up

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First amiibo line up, released on November 21, 2014 Mario, Link, Samus, Donkey Kong, Peach, Yoshi, Villager, Wii Fit trainer, Kirby, Fox, Pikachu, and Marth Second amiibo line up available December 2014. The release date is most likely December 14, 2014, according to Walmart and Amazon. The second wave features six additional figures: Diddy Kong, Zelda, Luigi, Captain […]

Toads Are Confirmed To Be Genderless ...

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker producer Koichi Hayashida says that the Toads are a genderless race and that Toad and Toadette aren’t siblings and they aren’t romantically involved. Although he clarifies that “Toads are not mushrooms at all, but the resemblance and nomenclature is too uncanny not to wonder,”  it’s a little strange considering Princess Peach’s Mushroom Kingdom. […]

Fantasy Life Introduction

Fantasy Life recently came out to the United States on October 24. It’s almost a life-focused simulation game, very much like Animal Crossing and Tomodachi Life. Fantasy Life makes it pretty clear that this new life is all about you and the life that you can lead.

Disposable Cameras and other Screensh...

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My mii asked me for a disposable camera and I was given the option of him either taking a picture of something artsy or of someone he knows. I figured, why not see what my miis are doing behind the scenes?             Apparently my Miis know how to party hard […]

Recent and Upcoming

9/15/2017 - Metroid: Samus Returns

10/6/2017- Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser's Minions

10/27/2017 - Super Mario Odyssey