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Pokemon TCG: XY – Evolutions Second E...

Toys“R”Us will be hosting their second Pokemon TCG: XY – Evolutions launch event Sunday on November 20 from 2-4pm.

Pokemon TCG: XY – Evolutions Launch E...

Toys“R”Us will be hosting a Pokemon TCG: XY – Evolutions launch event this Sunday on October 30 from 2-4pm.

Nintendo announces Pokemon Direct for...

Pokemon Direct

This morning Nintendo of American has announced a Pokémon Direct scheduled for Friday, February 26, a day before Pokémon celebrates its monumental achievement of 20 years!

Pokemon Day will be held at Nintendo ...

Pokemon 20th anniversary logo

Pokémon makes 20 years this Saturday February 27 with celebrations at multiple retailers, including the newly renovated Nintendo New York.

Dark Edition Hammer Slam Bowser Skyla...

hammer slam bowser skylander amiibo

The Dark Edition Hammer Slam Bowser Skylander/amiibo was announced to be a Toys R Us exclusive. Along with Turbo Charge Donkey Kong, these figures will feature dual compatibility in both Skylanders: SuperChargers on the Nintendo platforms (3DS, Wii & Wii U) and Super Smash Bros (Wii U & 3DS).

Greninja and Pac-Man goes up for in-s...

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According to a leaked memo, Greninja, the Pokemon Toys R Us exclusive and Pac-Man, goes up for in-store web orders today. This will be your last chance to preorder these wave 4 amiibo before it hits stores on May 29!

The quest for Store Exclusive Wave 4 ...

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Wave 4 amiibo of the Super Smash Bros collection include Charizard, Pac-Man, Wario, Greninja, Robin, Lucina, Ness, and Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff is a Target exclusive, Ness; GameStop and Greninja; Toys R Us. Yesterday Jigglypuff, Ness and Greninja all went on sale yesterday.

New amiibo announced in Nintendo Dire...

Wave 4 amiibo release date

Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct announced a wide range of amiibo, including new amiibo lines, new ways of using amiibo and finally amiibo tap which allows amiibo to unlock short demos from classic games.

Lucario releases today

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Today is Lucario’s official release date at Toys R Us! If you didn’t preorder, I recommend you get to your local store early!

Get Four Amiibo Figures For $44 At To...

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Get any four Amiibos for $44 + Tax at Toys R Us. This includes the newly release Wave 3 Amiibos. Happy Hunting!

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