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Double Dragon IV Preview

First off, Happy New Year gamers all! It has been a bronze age since I have posted, but it is a new year and might as well start off with something nostalgic right? Double Dragon has to be one of the iconic video games of my history

LuckyThirteenth’s Top 10 Games ...

Happy holidays, fellow gamers! With the end of the year upon us, it’s time for everyone to recount the highlights of their gaming year, and it’s no different here at Video Game Tidbits! True to my gaming handle, I’ve been lucky to share my thoughts on games and recent trends with you all. This year […]

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Review

What would you do if you got a chance to change the timeline? As a long-time Dragon Ball fan from watching the original to Z and now Super, the only thing I would change in the timeline is making the battles a bit shorter (laughs). Welcome to Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 and as a Time […]

The Phantom Thieves Have Leaked the M...

Who loves a well-controlled video game leak? I know I do and thanks to ATLUS, yes they send us e-mails letting us know of new information to the latest titles coming out. See gamers, that is considered controlled shared information as you should know already. There is new information for the upcoming Persona 5 title […]

Review: Hiding in the Shadows with Ar...

What would you do if you were ripped from an eternal slumber only to take on the task of justice by another? It would feel kind of rude being that you are a slave to this personal vendetta while still trying to figure out what exactly you have been resurrected for. Aragami, the latest game […]

TGS Berserk of the Hawk Gameplay

Seems like my favorite Anime’s are coming out with some video games again. Tecmo Koei showing off some strong gameplay at this year’s Tokyo Game Show of Beserk of the Hawk with 7 minutes of gameplay up on IGN’s youtube channel. Let’s take a look.

War Diary: Day 5 of Battlefield 1 Bet...

Day 5, BF1 Beta Sept 3rd, 1915 To My Sweet Leanntoinette, Bout time you get this letter, I should be almost home or grabbing a slice on the corner in Brownsville. Damn, I did miss that slice of pizza, anyway my love, I was an idiot to take that trip with the boys and ended […]

War Diary: Day 4 of Battlefield 1 Bet...

Day 4, BF 1 Beta Sept. 2nd, 1915 I still have no clue why the hell I signed up for this. It is now going on day four and I am in a new campaign with some random soldiers I have no clue about and it seems their vocabulary is limited in this PC sector. […]

From Page to PlayStation: Shadow of M...

These days, media products are rarely released in one medium. Instead, they see releases across different media, traveling from stage to page to PlayStation and back again. There are many interesting questions to ask about these media franchises and their adaptations

New to Gaming? Here is a Guide

Are you a new gamer? Or were you a gamer back before the days of DLC and micro-transactions ready to come back into the fold, but are too intimidated by today‚Äôs tech? Not sure what system is suitable for you and too scared to ask not to look like a total noob? Well I am […]

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